CE-CKW42/DL316 Cooking Ware Steamer Tray Stainless Steel 42CM

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Cooking Ware
42cm/316/With Steamer Tray

  • Honey-Comb Pattern Design
  • With NANO Non-stick Technology
  • 316 High Grade Stainless Steel

7 Layer Steel Combination

  • 430 magnetic stainless steel
  • 3003 steel gold energy storage substrate
  • Aviation Superconducting energy storage substrate
  • 3003 steel gold energy storage substrate
  • 316 food stainless steel
  • Nano titanium black biofilm
  • Honeycomb ceramic crystal non-stick layer


  • First use: Add water and detergent, rinse with clean water, wipe dry, add oil, and boil for a minute. Let the oil apply evenly on the pot inner surface before using
  • Please be careful not to get burned as the pot temperature can get very high while cooking
  • Do not put the pot in water for washing immediately after cooking due to the high temperature.
  • Medium or low heat is recommended when cooking and avoid directly heating the handle.
  • Please keep pot out of reach of children.
  • Do not heat un an empty pot with the lid on to prevent accident or injury.
  • If the pot body appears slightly yellowish, wipe it with a scouring pad and some white vinegar while the not is warm.